I was expecting someone taller – CD ROM
(A collection of thoughts, ideas, essays, videos, music and other stuff)

The CD ROM contains notes made whilst travelling by train on many sensory experiences experienced and observations I have made.

It contains some of my views on managers, life, the universe (especially other planets) and entrepreneurs. It has some of my music and two videos which are arty, observational or brief documentaries depending on your point of view.

There are sections with stories taken from my childhood and some from adulthood (all true!)

Some of the writing is based on my thoughts about my own personal journey and having Asperger Syndrome. Some of the writing is complete fabrication and merely designed to entertain or amuse. The parts that seem fantastic are probably the ones that are true and the parts that seem based in fact and a diary of everyday life are probably invented.

I am, at times, fairly scathing of both the autistic (neurodiverse, ND) community and non-autistic (neurotypical, NT) community. To me, both are justified in equal measure. Occasionally, I take a fairly extreme stand on issues related to train design, loud laughter and the clinical community – all entirely justified and factual of course!

Finally, I take a look at myself and so can you (though not literally) if you dip into this collection of themes, this gallimaufry, this cornucopia, this land – my land, this sceptic isle.

The CD ROM can be purchased through this website for £7.99 + £2.00 Post and packaging (available in the UK only through the website) It cannot be shipped to other countries unless by special arrangement.

Contact John – john.biddulph@outreach.org.uk