Sensory Integration

Training, workshops, conferences inputs are all available on the subject of sensory integration for a wide range of audiences and professionals.
Autism Outreach and John have been involved in an extended research programme in the area of sensory integration and, in particular, sensory integration differences and difficulties.

I am profoundly grateful to all the individuals, families, organisations and companies that have shared their experiences, answer our questions and given feedback that has informed what Autism Outreach believe to be a unique and accessible way to address sensory integration differences.

“You work with children and adults with autism using sound in a fascinating and unique way. I strongly endorse your approach and intuitively find it extremely appealing. In particular, I like the suggestions of enabling the child to cope with volume levels and also to use their body to control sound. For those with autism who are very young or a severe expression of autism, I think this would be an extremely enjoyable and productive experience for them”.
Tony Attwood

Access to our training programmes both for delegates and for the ‘training the trainers’ to deliver this sensory integration programme can be found on this website:

Autism Outreach is pleased to be associated with the work of Music for Autism at the Music for Autism website.

New web-based sensory integration programme available soon – you can listen to one of the pieces of music used in a comprehensive auditory programme here –  Europa

and another here – Moon high in the sky-extract-01

You can register your interest to receive further information when the SI programme is launched by sending an email to this address